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Systematic Bingo Profits

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Bingo can be a myriad of betting numbers, game cards and luck, but if you adopt a systematic approach to the game you can give yourself a better than average chance of winning. While it’s never possible to say that you can guarantee a profit when you play, it is possible to use mathematics to uncover an interesting pattern present in every game of bingo.

Joseph E. Granville was the first person to spot a potential aspect of the game which a player could use to their advantage when choosing their game card. The crux of Granville’s theory centres on the population average of a game and the number of balls in play.

After using his mathematical savvy to assess the game of bingo, Granville discovered that the population (in this case the numbers shown on a game’s master board) usually has an average similar to half the number of balls in play. This assumption is based on L.H.C. Tippet‘s statement that, “As a random sample is increased in size, it gives a result that comes closer and closer to the population value.”

In the case of bingo, this means that the average of the population will move closer to a figure that represents half the total number of balls in play. Thus, if there are 70 balls in a game then the population average will gradually converge on 35. Similarly, if there are 90 balls in play then the average of the population will slowly move towards 45.

This information is significant because it suggests that if you can choose a game card where the average is close to 35 (70 ball game) or 45 (90 ball game), then you have more chance of winning free bingo without deposit. While many will assume that the balls appear at random, there is a discernible pattern that you can use to your advantage. Although this method won’t guarantee you a profit, it will give you a more systematic way of choosing your game cards. Moreover, this will give you a better than average chance of making money when you sit down to play bingo.

The Best Free Online Slots for Fun

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Hold the phone! In order for there to be a best of anything there needs to be a decent enough variety of them no? Surely you can’t call something the best if it’s the better of two or three things. Sure it’s still technically the best but then it’s also awfully misleading – like the US Presidential race – although it’s fair to say that’s well beyond misleading. Seriously messed up is probably closer to the truth but I digress.


We’re here to talk about the best free online slots and to talk about the best free slot games – for fun of course. Because like your US Presidential race the last thing you want is to end up Trumps 😉

Are Online Slots Really Free?

Yes, and incredibly the biggest range of slots and pokies popular in the real world casinos around the world are all available free. The question you should be asking is can you play online pokies and real money slots because there are more free online slots available to play than there are real money pokies!

Once you meet the online casinos bonus requirements, you can select a banking option that best suits you to withdraw the funds. Various online casinos have different withdrawal options and may have restrictions oncertain countries. Therefore, it is important to know if your region or country is supported by the casino before you create an accountwith the site.

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Do the Free Online Slots Offer Free Spins and Bonus Features?

The best thing about the free online slots is that they really slots for fun – with all the same bonus games, free spins and features that you have come to know and love from playing the same game or equivalent at your local pub or club

The best thing about the ever growing range of free online slots and pokies is that popular games like the Aristocrat Pokies that Aussies love are also available to play online. Just think, you could be playing Queen of the Nile, Big Red, Lucky 88 or Any number of your favourite Aristocrat Pokies online in a couple of minutes from now!

How Can I Access and Play Free Slots and Online Pokies?

There are a number of reputable free and real money casinos that will allow you to play a huge range of free slot games and casino style table games. Alternatively there are a lot of apps available on the iTunes and Google Play stores that although do not allow real money gambling, will give you unlimited access to the best free pokies and free slot games so you can enjoy having a poke and playing slots for fun today!

Have you tried the progressive slot games? These are a genre of slot machines that add on the pleasure of playing as these machines increase the jackpot as playing progresses. Hence, when you continue playing several rounds, the possibility of your wins increases. This is a great lure for gamblers. In contrast to simple slot machines which usually generate a fixed jackpot amount, it is beneficial to try your hand at a progressive slot machines as, with increasing number of rounds, you will also have chances of winning greater amounts.

Different kinds of progressive slot games

Progressive slot machines can be of different kinds. Simple machines usually calculate the jackpot as an average or a certain percentage of the bets placed on the machine. In other cases jackpot amounts become higher than the bets placed. The machines usually have meters in front of them. That allows users to understand the progressive amount that would be applicable for a certain round. Progressive machines are known to make greater payouts than standalone machines. If you are playing at a casino site, start with new player bonus code at Bet365.  That will help one to have higher amounts to bet on these games from the very start.

How progressive slot machines are designed

Usually casinos have in house machines that are grouped together. They are operated in a single casino space. Again, progressive slots might be linked to machines that are working in other casinos as well. If a company owns several casinos they might link progressive slot machines in more than one casino center. Such machines can offer prizes or monetary rewards of large amounts. Most people opt for progressive slot games as the winning amounts increase in every round.

Wide area slot machines

Some progressive slot machines might be linked to machines that are operated in different casinos and owned by different companies. These machines are linked with online technology and their operations are independent of ownership. The interlinked progressive slots can help gamblers be lured by possibilities of big wins. Indeed, progressive slot machines calculate wins based on the bets received in a time span. The wide area progressive slot games make it possible for monetary rewards of large amounts which can help a winner change their lifestyle completely.

Cons to consider

Even if you look at the progressive slot games online which operate in similar manner, you need to keep in mind that, though wins would be large if they happen, you would be spending a lot by doing several rounds. Indeed, that is the lure of these games. Hence, keep a spending limit and do not overstep that when trying these slot games, either at a casino or online. As the payouts are random, you might be lucky to get a payout within your playing rounds. If that does not happen, try out more rounds at Bet365.

Top 3 Online Slots Games

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Slots games are wildly popular amongst gamers of all backgrounds and from all walks of life, and the lack of any direct skill or strategy input makes slots the ideal level playing field. There are, as a consequence, hundreds if not thousands of variations to slots games, and in many instances online slots have become more advanced and more complicated than their offline counterparts. While every individual slots fan will have his or her favorite game, there are a few that seem to be played more widely than others for a variety of reasons. That’s why we’ve put together our list of the top 3 online slots games, to help share in the popularity of these front-running games.

Different slots games offer different features, and while generally the differences are aesthetic there are a few subtle variations in the way slot games play. As a result, players are always recommended to try out as many different variations of slots games as they can, in order to decide the set up they feel works best for their gaming style.


Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra slots is one of the original breed of slots games, which has now become a fixture of gaming sites worldwide. In fact, the Egyptian themes slots game has now seen a number of spin-off games created, with a series of games now available that are linked under the Cleopatra banner. In Cleopatra slots, players are required to match up an assortment of hieroglyphics alongside the more standard symbols.


Monopoly Slots

Based on the internationally popular board game, Monopoly slots is a combination of slots and Monopoly play. Players have to match symbols that take their themes from the game of Monopoly, in addition to often moving around a board as the particularly of the game dictate. With a range of different paylines based on the concepts and rules of the game itself, Monopoly slots is popular because of its twist on the basics of the slots game, and is one of the most engaging games around for this reason.


Double Diamond

A much more traditional slots game than the previous two, Double Diamond is reminiscent of the classic Las Vegas ‘fruit machine’ slot, with the traditional symbols players everywhere have grown to know and love. For those chasing a more authentic casino experience, games like Double Diamond are understandably popular, given their more traditional themes. Nevertheless Double Diamond slots can be just as entertaining as any other version, with multiple opportunities to win aside from the three-reel slot game itself.

While these are undoubtedly three of the more popular slot games, there are in fact many countless more games that players can and should try. The more games you try, the more likely you are to find the slots variation that best suits your interested, and the one or two games that you find most engaging and enjoyable to play.

Online Slot Machines – Vegas Style

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Slots, also known as slot machines, are one of the most prevalent and prominent casino games known today. They commonly take the spotlight in many land-based casino facilities. At Casino Las Vegas, enjoy a diverse selection of slot machines that boast impressive gameplay and superior graphics. There are over 100 slot machines to be found and experienced in Casino Las Vegas, combining classics, such as single-line and 40-lines, themed slots like Marvel, and so on.

Casino Las Vegas also offers a vast progressive slot category that features the largest paying slots that can sum up to 6-figure prizes. Play the exciting online slot machines that Casino Las Vegas has to offer! Not only will you be able to enjoy the games, but those with luck and skill can even take home a sizable jackpot prize!

Playing at Casino Las Vegas, players have to comply with a few rules and conditions to keep the playing field fair and enjoyable for everyone. Abiding by these stipulations will also enable players to significantly enhance their potential to win, and win big. Players should ensure that they fully understand the terms and conditions of the online slots they are playing.

Beginners will have difficulty identifying which slot symbols are the wild ones, which are the scatter ones, and which are the coveted jackpot symbols. Furthermore, it is crucial that players determine exactly how much the jackpot prizes they are playing for. After determine the pot size they are playing for, players can strategically determine how much of their pocket money to bet on in-game.

The large majorities of online slots in Casino Las Vegas operate with pay-reels and pay lines. Pay-reels pertain to the reels that spin around with symbols in them. If a player is able to match all the symbols in a row, then he/she automatically wins. Paylines, on the other hand, are distinct winning combinations. Some slots have low numbers of pay lines while others have more than 50. Each pay-line must be lit by the player, which is done by placing bets on that particular pay-line. The more pay-lines are lit, the more winning combinations they can land on.

Many online slots offered at Casino Las Vegas boast considerable fixed jackpot prizes. These prizes guarantee that players participating in slot machines know precisely how much money they are eligible to win whenever they play with Casino Las Vegas. The pot prize gets bigger and bigger over time as more players pay into the slots.